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Coconut Milk Benefits:

Easy Applications on Food and Beverage

Coconut milk can be easily combined with many food and beverage ingredients, creating a rich and flavorful taste.

Helpful for Losing Weight

Contrary to popular beliefs, coconut milk is actually a very fllling, fat-burning food. It hydrates and helps digestive organs to help metabolize fat and remove waste from the body.

As a Substitute

Coconut milk is now widely used as a substitute ingredient for milk and soymilk.

“In Sanskrit, coconuts are called Kalpa Vriksha, which means: the tree that gives all that is necessary for living - Coconut Republic”


High Fat Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated Coconut is shredded fresh and dried white meat of mature coconuts which have natural taste, flavor and aroma of fresh coconut.

It could be applied for baking, dessert, cooking, and further processing in industrial use.

Type of High Fat Desiccated Coconut:

- Extra Fine Grade
- Fine Grade
- Medium Grade

Type of Low Fat Desiccated Coconut:

- Fine Grade
- Medium Grade



Blue polyethylene liner in multi-wall kraft bag:
          - 25 kg
          - 25 lbs
          - 100 lbs


Storage and Handling Instructions

Desiccated Coconut could be stored in room temperature (15oC - 21oC) at 50% - 60% RH.
Store on pallets or dunnage in cool, dry, odor-free area, out of sunlight and away from walls.
Reseal the package tightly when the product is not completely used up.


Shelf Life

12 months under recommended storage conditions